Pharmacy Department 

Madison's Fastest Pharmacy 
      We match any competitors prices
              $4 generic drugs...Just ask
                        2 Drive Thru Windows 
                                    24/7 Telephone Refills

Want the best deal (price) for your prescriptions?

Here are the answers.... If you have prescription drug insurance, your prescription prices are controlled by your insurance company. The price you pay (co-pay) will be the same at every pharmacy....therefore, we recommend that you have your prescriptions filled at our independent pharmacy..

 You will receive old fashion corner drug store service, for the same price you would pay at the large chain stores. A new trend in pharmacy is to offer a list of generic drugs for $4. Most pharmacies match these prices and so does Thrifty Mac! 

....Just ask our pharmacist.

Simply put, we treat our customers like we would want to be treated. 

Here is our staff:

George Launius R.Ph. Owner
Kelli McCarty Pharm. D Pharmacist
Jennifer Hayes, Pharmacy Tech
Jennifer Maddox Pharmacy Tech
Denice Batchelor Customer Service
Heather Gardner Customer Service
Nancy Launius Co-Owner
Cheryl Gaines Customer Service (Southern Chef!)
Ken Johnson Home Medical "The most interesting man in the world"